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Concerto nella chiesa di Loco
26 o 27 marzo
Quartetto LOCO
Oscar Antoli (clarinet)
Simone Bottasso (organetto)
Bo Wiget (cello)
Nicolò Bottasso (violin, tumrpet)
A new project; tryout concert after intensive days of work in Villa Rosa.

24 June — 3 July 2022
Summer academy for young composers – A tremendous opportunity: les Percussions de Strasbourg will be ensemble in residence with coaching and tutoring by Isabelle Mundry & Samir Odeh-Tamimi, speakers Babrlina Mayerhans, David Philip Hefti and Katja Vaghi. There will be scholarships, immense learning, much fun and pioneering
https://www.composersacademy.org/VILLA ROSA Onsernonen

Passed activities:

22.10.21 concert Chiesa di Loco Building Bridges VIII Gaurav Mazumdar – sitar / Oscar Antoli – clarinet guitar; Raphael Walser – bass (tbc) / Xu Fengxia – guzheng; Bo Wiget – cello / Simone Bottasso – ital. organetto; Nicola Bottasso – trumpet, violin (in cooperation with the Centro Incontri Umani, Ascona)
26.08.21 concert Chiesa di Loco stimmreise.ch 3 (try out) four voices: Nadja Räss, Vera Baumann, Elian Zeitel, Andrea Küttel
05.08.21 concert Chiesa di Loco Töbi Tobler (appenzell dulcimer)
06.07.21 concert Chiesa di Loco Albin Brun (swiss accordion)
26.05.21 concert Chiesa di Loco Elina Duni & Rob Luft (voice, guitar)